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We believe in delivering organicsustainable and profitable growth. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious business with a diverse group of people, bringing global experiences and talents to our localnational and international markets. Our combined knowledge and background offer our clients the set of skills and credentials they need for effective advertising of their business and brand in today’s Digital Marketplace.



is to build digital bridges and meaningful relationships between you and your audience

  • Rada Phillips
    Rada Phillips Founder/Professional Media Director
  • Komal Wadhwa
    Komal Wadhwa IT and SEO Manager and Consultant
  • Clay Cerny
    Clay Cerny Contributing Writer & Editor
  • Kari Davis
    Kari Davis Media Planner & Buyer
  • Michelle L. Maher
    Michelle L. Maher Public Relations & Communications Manager
  • Sloan Jones
    Sloan Jones Jr Social Media Associate
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