The Power of a “Like”

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A synopsis on how to give without spending.


Ever sit and ponder how you can make this world a better place by just being you? Me too. Ever wanted to be one of those people with the title philanthropist that travel around the globe making our world a better place? You can.

We (humans) live 2 parallel lives. With one foot in your current physical location and one in the digital world, we are able to do way more than what we used to just a few years ago. We can be present in every corner of the world at the same time. We can curate global events, direct political movements, shape our societies and influence our cities all by simply clicking “like”.

“Like” button has become the holy grail of marketing. By liking a post or comment on a social page you contribute to the methodology that enhances the presence of that particular post, essentially shining some light and creating publicity about it. By clicking a “like” whether it’s Facebook, twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, you are donating to a particular organization, person or business. Your endorsement aka “like” is huge and worth more than you think. The story of a “like” doesn’t end here but you get my point. Now if you “like” AND “comment”, watch out nice guy there are major kudos in stock for you! “Mentioning” a local business or doctor’s office on your page or a group will send you some major positive vibes, and we all could use those.

But wait, then there is also a “SHARE” button. There is nothing more sacred in the digital space than someone sharing your post or business. If you do all of the above and you leave a 5-star review then you pretty much earned a status of a Saint, because every digital entity counts on good old references and referral to get them to their audience. So be a good samaritan and endorse your favorite neighborhood spots, or share your friend’s tax business with others or comment on your grandma’s home-baked cookies. Make someone happy by simply liking their page. All those acts of digital kindness goes a long way and no expense to you.

And if you are a business owner you already know how vital your digital presence and reputation is. It’s essential for business growth and survival. You know how important those endorsements are so spread the love and show some “likes” next time you are scrolling through your feed. Remember, when you grow your community grows and growing together, is what will get us further.


Looking for someone to like this Valentines Day?

Here are our February favorites:

Dr. Marylene Vittiello, DDS – Owner @ Tooth Fairy World Dental and Rob Topping, CFA – Managing Member @ Topping Capital


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